Open CS:GO cases and compete with your friends!

Automatically claim cases

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By logging in, you agree to abide all following rules:
• Using multiple accounts to obtain more cases is forbidden
• Farming cases by automatic refresher is forbidden
• Having more than 20 following pages of cases is considered proof of above
• Abusing bugs, including duplicating items is strictly forbidden
• Breaking into other person's account is strictly forbidden
Failing to abide those rules can result in one of the following:
• Lowering of player level
• Deleting of any item owned by player
• Trade ban or other limitation of account
• Total suspension of player account

!!! Important Notice !!!
Case Simulator Online is currently being moved to new host
All changes to accounts (including creating one, opening cases, trading or selling items) made past 5th August 2017 can be reverted without further notice. Such items won't be refunded in any way under any circumstances.

Case Simulator Online is a game, featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
skins, knives and cases. You can collect those items, open different cases
and trade with other people until you get the skin of your dreams.

This Case Simulator (CSO) is intended only for entertainment and is not
affiliated with Steam or Valve. Items in your CSO inventory cannot be
traded into your Steam account.

19th July 2017
• Added Operation Eclipse crafting

16th July 2017
• Added PGL Krakow 2017 souvenirs

15th July 2017
• Fixed fatal bug, which caused Slot Machine to drop "Any Skin" instead of knives

14th July 2017
• Decreased waiting time of Eclipse cases to 20 seconds

8th July 2017
• Filter is now hidden on default, can be expanded by button
• Added Operation Eclipse, featuring custom Lunar and Solar cases

15th June 2017
• Dark weapon skins are now available in trade-up contracts
• After numerous requests, stickers of blue quality are now sellable
• Added DreamHack Summer 2017 souvenirs

9th June 2017
• Moved Operation Hydra Case to standard drops
and operation Hydra now gives only collection skins
• Added Slot machine

6th June 2017
• Added collection filter to inventory

2st June 2017
• Increased chance of getting red and pink skins in Cobblestone, Gods & Monsters,
Rising Sun, Chop Shop, Overpass, Militia and Dust 2 collections.

1st June 2017
• Added trade-up contracts
• After multiple suggestions on that, added skip button to case opening
• Added new 'Only case skins' filter, to avoid accidental selling of collection skins

26th May 2017
• Added Operation Hydra coin

24th May 2017
• Operation Hydra is launched
• Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods & Monsters, Rising sun and Chop Shop
skins plus Operation Hydra Case itself are now obtainable

23rd May 2017
• Added new filters for items
• Added Howling Dawn level drop, unlocked at level 150
• Added Howling Case obtainable from Howling Dawn, having the skins of old
Huntsman Case, including M4A4 Howl, USP-S Orion, MAC-10 Curse and more
• You can now sell all visible items in inventory (max 10 at once)

21st May 2017
• Fixed fatal bug in Glove Case; thanks to Austincarte for reporting it!

22nd May 2017
• Added ranks and stars, that are shown on profile and level drops
• Added special scoreboard with player levels
• Added item market, accesible through "Market" menu

20th May 2017
• Optimized and graphically enhanced case opening
• Case drops now stack up to 3 per collection
• Fixed StatTraks not dropping properly (thanks to everyone who reported it)
• Added all remaining cases (Chroma 3, Shadow, Revolver,
Wildfire, Gamma, Gamma2, Glove and Spectrum)

17th May 2017
• Item database overhaul

16th May 2017
• Fixed bug, which prevented getting items from Huntsman case

15th May 2017
• Fixed bug, which caused cases to only drop Karambits

13th May 2017
• Added new filters
• Added GeForce Cup 2017 page and souvenirs
Added trading

5th May 2017
• Changed font to Roboto
• Increased red and gold items chance

12th August 2016
• Released Dreamhack Montreal 2016 Souvenirs
• Slowly adding collections every day

6th August 2016
• Released CyberPowerPC 2016 Capsule and Souvenirs
• Overhauled opening animation

5th August 2016
• Added Falchion Case
• Preparing for CyberPowerPC 2016

3rd August 2016
• Added knife scoreboard
• Small tweaks everywhere
• Decreased chances for shitty knives again
• Falchion Case Open Beta

25th March 2016
• Chroma knives fixed
• Added list of all knives
• Chance to get "shitty" knives decreased

24th March 2016
• Tweaked filter (now works on smartphones)
• Fixes of Chroma & Chroma 2 skins
• Fixed level drops

23rd March 2016
• Added feedback form
• Added Chroma Case
• Added Chroma 2 Case

18th December 2015
• Balanced some cases item prices
• Added Militia Collection to standard drops
• Added Operation Vanguard Case
• Added auto-claim option

17th December 2015
• Fixed trade adding (trades still WIP)
• Added eSports 2013 Winter Case
• Added eSports 2014 Summer Case